Jan 19, 2021—Iron Snow Shoe

Iron Snow Shoe Recreational Trails

Snowmobile and year ’round ATV/UTV trails west of Crivitz, in the High Falls, Peshtigo River, Parkway & Silver Cliff areas. 


1/19/2021—IRON SNOW SHOE RECREATIONAL TRIALS: Our report hasn’t changed since last week. Snowmobile trails are closed at this time.  The ATV trails NORTH of HWY C are OPEN!. ATV trails SOUTH of Hwy C are still CLOSED. Think Snow!  Please follow our Facebook page for day-to-day changes. 

***EVENT***  High Falls Radar Runs February 13, 2021 Check the club’s web site & Face Book page for more info on this event and other club news.








Jan 19, 2021—Ranger City Riders

Ranger City Riders Snowmobile Only trails in the Amberg-Beecher-Wausaukee areas. 


1/19/2021—-Ranger City Riders—-Snowmobile Only Trails – Closed – We are ready and waiting for snow. We will update conditions as they change. Do your Snow Dance!

 Ranger City Riders trails are snowmobile only. ATV’S & UTV’S ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE RCR TRAIL SYSTEM AT ANY TIME.







Jan 19, 2021—Dun-Good Riders

Dun-Good Riders Inc.

Snowmobile and Year ’round ATV/UTV trials in the Goodman-Dunbar areas of Northwest Marinette County


WINTER ATV/UTV trails are open! (1/19/2021) 

1/19/2021—Trail Status: Open for ATV/UTV. Snowmobile not recommended. Condition very good for ATV/UTV’s Poor for snowmobiles. Snow Depth 2-5”, not grooming.  We were able to get out and Pan after the 2-3” of high moisture snow Thursday and Friday.  Trails West and North of Dunbar have received more snow, there is just not enough to groom.  It looks like we may have another week before the next opportunity for measurable snow is in the area.  We will update if conditions change.

(Trails are in very good condition for ATV/UTV use.  Unfortunately the snow last Thursday and Friday only delivered 2-3” just not enough to groom yet.  We were able to get out and do some panning to further set the base once the snow does come.  Due to the poor to fair conditions, snowmobile riding is not recommended at this time.  Unfortunately there is no measurable snow in the forecast until Sunday and if conditions change we will post an update.)

Please read this additional information that explains the trail situation near Goodman: 

“Dun-Good Winter ATV/UTV trails are open. It is the riders responsibility to know which trails are snowmobile only on the Dun-Good trail system and they are marked with No ATV Signs.  As a reminder the trail through the Dunbar Barons, off of Trail 5 (Spur Lake Road), between intersection 117 and 115 is snowmobile only (refer to map at www.dungood.com if you do not have one), also NO ATV/UTV’s are allowed in the Dunbar Barons year round. This is State Property.  The Highway 8 Right of Way on the North and South side of Highway 8 West of Snowshoe Drive in Goodman is snowmobile only as well.  We have received approval from the private land owner to maintain the ATV/UTV trail from Snowshoe Drive to Trails End this Winter, providing legal access to Trails End and we will be maintaining and grooming that section.  For ATV/UTV Access from the East, cross over Highway 8 from Snowshoe Drive to the trail and follow the Trail Markers in to Trails End parking lot.  It is the same as the Summer trail so if you have ridden here in the summer you should be familiar with it.  Unfortunately ATV’s/UTV’s can get no further West than Trails End as all trails West are within highway right of way, again not legal for ATV’s/UTV’s”

REMINDER: ATV’S & UTV’S are NOT allowed to ride on US HWY 8 at ANY time. Not on the pavement. Not on the shoulder. Not in the highway right of way. County Road H is closed to ATV/UTV travel from Dec. 1st until May 1st. No riding County H in the winter. 



Jan 19, 2021—River Road Riders

RIVER ROAD RIDERS Snowmobile Only Trails

 Crivitz, Porterfield, Wausaukee, east to Marinette and south to Peshtigo


1/19/2021—RRR’s trails remain CLOSED due to the lack of snow.  Our volunteers have been out clearing and brushing our trails.  We need a good snow to get out and groom.  Until then, they remain closed.

CLUB EVENT: ***The scheduled club ride for Saturday, January 23rd, is cancelled.  Follow the club’s FB page and web site for updates


Jan 19, 2021—Near North Trail Riders of Athelstane

NEAR NORTH TRAIL RIDERS OF ATHELSTANE: Snowmobile & Year Round ATV/UTV Trails located in Athelstane and Silver Cliff areas.


1/19/2021—NEAR NORTH TRAIL RIDERS OF ATHELSTANE: Our trails are open but it is not advisable to ride snowmobiles. We just do not have enough snow to groom or pan the trails even though our groomers are ready to go. Only an inch of snow since the last report. The ATV & UTV trails are open. Watch for signs. But I must report that our Trail Boss has told me some of the trails have been torn up from the ATV’s and UTV’s and we are asking please do not rip up the trails. Ride safe and please respect the landowners property because without their consent for the trails on their property we would not have the trails that we have.

Our trails are open for ATV’s & UTV’s where allowed. Please follow the signs and ride responsibly! Respect the landowners, please!! 



Jan 19, 2021— Pemenee River Riders

PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Snowmobile & year ’round atv/utv trails in Northeastern Marinette County, in the Pembine-Beecher-Niagara areas


1/19/2021—Well, the report hasn’t changed any since last week, still not enough snow to ride sleds.  ATV/UTV riding has been pretty good. Our Brat Fry for February 20th is still on! The ATV is now parked at the SILVER DOLLAR in Pembine so get your tickets there!


4th Annual Brat Fry & Raffle Drawing will be held Saturday, February 20th from 12-5pm at the Club Building in Pembine. Raffle tickets available for sale now, only 3000 being sold, just $10 each. Win an ATV or lots of cash prizes. Contact Marsha  at pemeneeriverriders@gmail.com to purchase tickets or to make donations


Jan 19, 2021—Kumalong


KUMALONG SNO RIDERS: Snowmobile only trails in the Coleman-Pound-Peshtigo-Crivitz areas.

1/19/2021—The Kumalong trails are CLOSED! due to lack of snow. Do not ride on closed trails. We are a snowmobile only club. Please do NOT ride atv’s & utv’s on our trial system. We will lose trail access if you do. 

ATV’s & UTV’s are NOT allowed on our trail system at any time.