June 21, 2018 Pemenee River Riders

PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Snowmobile-ATV-UTV trails (North Eastern area of Marinette County, Pembine-Beecher areas)


6/21/18 TRAIL UPDATE: 

Trail thru Green Acres Golf Course is closed due to washout.
Right of way Rd in Beecher has a washout – being worked on by the town.
Schultz Rd in Beecher has a washout, I am told it may be passable carefully by ATV/UTV.
Barlow Lake Rd, Niagara side, has some washouts but is passable.
Brown Spur Rd has a washout that is passable.
Forest Rd 1121 has several trees over it that someone cut to pass thru but they are still somewhat in road.
The Dunbar loop was traveled and many trees cleared off the trail. Some washouts areas but the trail is all passable.
The large hill heading from Pembine to the Park & Ride has some washouts.
The East Loop will be checked tonight.
Please travel with care on all trails at this time!!