Looking for a place to ride now that your favorite riding area may be closed due to weather related problems? Come to Marinette County & ride! Trails are good and we think you’ll love the area. Contact us on FB for trail map information.

Here are atv/utv reports from the 4 Marinette County that have ATV/UTV trails: Near North (Athelstane), the Pemenee River Riders (Pembine) Iron Snowshoe (west of Crivitz) & Dun-Good (Dunbar-Goodman):

NEAR NORTH: 6/21/18 UPDATE: NOTE: The ATV trail through the Phillips lake are has reopened, the washout has been repaired and the road is back open. The Near North ATV trails to the North and West are very muddy with a lot of sanding water. People should be vary careful when riding on them. Corners are very slippery and muddy. Don’t think we need any more rain for a while. Hopefully we are in for some sunny and breezy days to dry out the trails.

PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS:  Trail through Green Acres Golf Course is closed due to washout.
Right of way Rd in Beecher has a washout – being worked on by the town.
Schultz Rd in Beecher has a washout, I am told it may be passable carefully by ATV/UTV.
Barlow Lake Rd, Niagara side, has some washouts but is passable.
Brown Spur Rd has a washout that is passable.
Forest Rd 1121 has several trees over it that someone cut to pass thru but they are still somewhat in road.
The Dunbar loop (to the Dun-Good junction) was traveled today and many trees cleared off the trail. Some washout areas but the trail is all passable.
The large hill heading from Pembine to the Park & Ride has some washouts.
The East Loop will be checked tonight.
Please travel with care on all trails at this time!!

DUN-GOOD RIDERS: Trails are in good condition, very wet, some areas have deep standing water. Volunteers have been out checking the trails, removing trees and grooming is on going. Ride with caution, expect the unexpected. Equipment will be out working in some areas.

IRON SNOW SHOE: Trails are open and no weather related problems reported at this time.

Clubs with atv-utv trails are: Dun-Good (Dunbar – Goodman area), Pemenee River Riders (Pembine-Beecher), Near North (Athelstane) and Iron Snow Shoe (Twin Bridge-High Falls-Peshtigo River area west of Crivitz).

Note:  Kumalong (Coleman), River Road Riders (Marinette) and Ranger City Riders (Amberg) do NOT allow atv’s & utv’s on their trail systems at any time. Amberg does have approved road routes but no atv-utv trails. Ride legal! Know before you go so we do not lose trail access. The new 2018 snowmobile-atv-utv map is now available from the business sponsors and the clubs. Pick up a copy or contact a local club to obtain a map. It’s a year ’round map that clearly shows where the trails are and what type of trail it is and if atv’s/utv’s are allowed.
 STATE GAMING COMMISSION PRESENTATION MONDAY, JUNE 25TH AT THE WAUSAUKEE VILLAGE HALL AT 2:00 pm. Open to the public. Wausaukee Village Hall is on Harrison Street in Wausaukee.

A representative from the State Gaming Administration will be doing some work in the Wausaukee area and has offered to hold a presentation to go over gaming laws pertaining to raffles. It’s a chance to learn, ask questions and clear up your understanding of the rules to legally hold raffles of all different types in Wisconsin. Please SHARE this with your area organizations as it is open to the public.  This information will be beneficial to any organization that holds raffles of any kind.  Hope each club can send a rep to this informational session.