“Date: March 16, 2015 

From: Pete Villas, Forestry and Parks Administrator

Subject: ATV Trail Closure

The entire Marinette County ATV Trail System will be closed to all vehicles effective immediately until further notice. This closure is required to protect the soft trail bed from erosion damage caused by ATV’s and other vehicles during spring break up. ATV trails will re-open when conditions warrant. Another press release will ne places in the paper when the trails are re-opened.”


Be aware that the following clubs have SNOWMOBILE ONLY trails! Atv’s & utv’s are not allowed at any time of the year. Kumalong Sno Riders, River Road Riders, Ranger City Riders and Bagley-Brazeau Joy Riders. Please respect the landowners wishes and do not attempt to ride atv’s where prohibited.

NOTE: When the trails re-open, ATV’s & UTV’s are allowed on the following club’s trails: Dun-Good Riders, Pemenee River Riders, Near North and Iron Snow Shoe. Be advised that not all of their snowmobile trails may allow atv’s & utv’s. Get a current copy of the Marinette County snowmobile-atv-utv map and follow the signs on the trails. Please respect our landowners wishes.

Our snowmobile season has come to an end. It was an unusual winter; clubs in Northern Marinette County were lucky to have snow, not a lot, but clubs were able to work with it and maintained good trails all season. The clubs in Southern Marinette County didn’t do as well and barely had to run their groomers. But—-there’s always next year and snowmobilers have always been an optimistic bunch, looking forward to a good snow season in 2016. Thanks to all of our county clubs for a job well done! Thank you for visiting our web site this season! Check back during the summer months, we’ll post information about clubs & events and also keep the atv-utv riders updated on conditions.

*****Please see the “About Us” section for information regarding the new Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration and Trail Pass that will go into effect July, 2015.*****

If you’re looking for more information about the clubs, joining a club, or how to contact them directly, please click on “Links” at the TOP of the page.  If you don’t belong to a club, please consider joining a Marinette County club to show your support for our outstanding trail system.

Be advised! Off trail riding is trespassing! Stay on the marked trails and routes! You will be stopped and you will fined for trespassing. Riding anywhere off of the marked trail is not allowed. Continuing to ride off trail will cause us to lose our trail easements with landowners. PLEASE STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL!

Another word of caution to riders: Obey the posted speed limits, they’re there for a reason! That reason is usually safety, for riders and cars alike. Again, law enforcement will be out patrolling. Don’t ruin your ride!

This web site compiles all of the Marinette County snowmobile club trail reports in one place. This site will be updated weekly, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, during the entire winter riding season. Reports will be updated any time there is a change that riders need to know about. Now, when you’re planning to ride, you can see conditions for the whole county in ONE place! On the right, click on the snowmobile club and you’ll see their latest trail conditions. See the “About Us” section for more information about our trail system. Follow the link to The Real North to learn more about our county. Awesome riding awaits you in Marinette County!  Come visit us soon!