Welcome to marinettecosnowtrails.com for 2014-2015!

Welcome to snow season 2014-2015 in MARINETTE COUNTY WISCONSIN! Please click on each of the Marinette County clubs that are listed on the right hand side of this home page, trail reports are posted by individual club. This site will be updated weekly, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during the entire winter riding season, but reports will be updated any time there is a change riders need to know about. Please be aware that not all of the county’s snowmobile trails are open to atv’s/utv’s! Some clubs have snowmobile only trails. Again, most of the combination trails are located in the northern part of the county. When you click on the club’s report, it will tell you if that club allows atv’s/utv’s or not. The new Marinette County Snowmobile-atv-utv maps will be available next week. Contact a club to request a copy or you will be able to get maps from our business sponsors. It’s early season. Not all of our trails are open. Some are open for atv’s & utv’s and sleds can ride there too. Some clubs are grooming, some are not. As is common with early season riding, there are many variables: landowners close land until hunting is over, crops are still in the fields, there is standing water under the snow cover, swamps aren’t freezing etc. Please check with the area you want to ride in before you make plans to ride. Know before you go!! Do NOT ride around closed gates or closed trails. If you do and the trail access is lost, it will be YOUR fault. It’s the riders responsibility to know where it’s legal to ride. Right now, northern Marinette County has the most riding opportunities for sleds and atv’s. Expect early season conditions, the groomers are doing the best they can, but they can’t work miracles. So, please don’t complain, ok? And if you do complain, remember we’re all volunteers…….tell us what have you done to help out?  

This web site compiles all of the Marinette County snowmobile club trail reports. Now, when you’re planning to ride, you can see conditions for the whole county in ONE place! On the right, click the snowmobile club and you’ll see their latest trail conditions. Below the trail reports, click on the club link that will take you directly to the club’s web site or Face Book page. See the “About Us” section for more information about our trail system. Follow the link on the right to The Real North to learn more about our county and all it has to offer visitors! Links to Travel Wisconsin and the AWSC will help you plan your Wisconsin winter get away!  Awesome riding awaits you in Marinette County!  Come visit us soon!

 Last season was the first year for this web site. This season, we’ll work at improving the information you can find here when planning your trip to visit the Marinette County trail system. In addition to the trail condition reports that will be updated weekly (or whenever conditions change), we will tell you about lodging, area events and most importantly, club events, rides and fundraisers.  It is our objective to give you the basic information and provide a link to the individual club’s information or to provide a source for complete details. We work with Marinette County Tourism, “The Real North”, to promote our area and all of the fantastic opportunities found here in our corner of Northeast Wisconsin