January 17, 2017 County Trail Conditions have been posted!

 As of today, trails are open, groomed and clubs are reporting very good-excellent conditions.  We will update the reports on this web site as we see what the weather brings us later in the week. In the southern part of the county, River Road Riders are reporting fair/poor conditions and Kumalong’s trails in  the Coleman area are closed. Click on the listing of clubs on the right side of the page to see their individual trail reports and event information as well as links to the clubs’ contact information. If you have a question an particular area, please contact the club that is directly responsible for that areas trails.

This web site compiles all of the Marinette County snowmobile club trail reports in one place. This site will be updated weekly, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, during the entire winter riding season. Reports will be updated any time there is a change that riders need to know about. Now, when you’re planning to ride, you can see conditions for the whole county in ONE place! On the right, click on the snowmobile club and you’ll see their latest trail conditions. See the “About Us” section for more information about our trail system. Follow the link to The Real North to learn more about our county. Awesome riding awaits you in Marinette County!  Come visit us soon!
MOST YEAR ‘ROUND ATV & UTV TRAILS IN MARINETTE COUNTY ARE OPEN! Most winter ATV-UTV trails are located in the northern half of the County. Please click on the link to each club to find out if that area allows them or not. Not all snowmobile trials are open to atv’s & utv’s so please know before you go. The new 2017 maps are available now. The Marinette County Alliance map is a year ’round map showing ATV-UTV and snowmobile trails and lots of business sponsors all around the County. Just one map is all you’ll need! Maps are available from all of the map sponsors and from the area clubs. We’ll let you know as soon as the rest  of the snowmobile trials open. Watch this site for weekly updates! Follow us on Face Book too, “Marinette County Alliance Snowmobile, ATV-UTV  Trails”.
SNOWMOBILES MUST DISPLAY A CURRENT REGISTRATION PLUS A CURRENT TRAIL PASS TO LEGALLY OPERATE ON THE WISCONSIN SNOWMOBILE TRAIL SYSTEM. The trail pass is an annual thing and must be renewed yearly. It is the responsibility of the snowmobiler to obtain the trail pass each year. You will not be sent a reminder notice. The way we register snowmobiles in Wisconsin changed on July 1, 2015. In addition to your sled registration, you will be required to purchase an annual “Trail Pass” for sleds to operate legally on the Wisconsin trail system. Please visit the AWSC (Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs) web site at www.awsc.org for more information and instructions for purchasing your Trail Pass. Members of a sanctioned AWSC club will qualify to receive the Trail Pass at a discounted rate. Non-members will pay more. You do not have to join a club.  But regardless, you will need a Trail Pass beginning this coming season. If you don’t currently belong to a club and would like to, please consider joining one of the Marinette County clubs. All of our county clubs are listed on this web site. All of them are set up for the new process and they all welcome new members. Click on the “Club Links” to check out each club and find one that is in your riding area or one that sounds to your liking.
Press Release 12.12.16. from the AWSC office: Please share this with your club officers and members. Good information to have on hand when explaining the snowmobile program to non-club members and non-snowmobilers:
Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs – AWSC
529 Trail Side Dr., Suite 200 – DeForest, WI  53532
Phone: 800.232.4108 / 608.846.5530 – Fax: 608.846.5534
Web:  www.awsc.org / Email: awsc@awsc.org
December 12, 2016
For Immediate Release
Contact: Dave Newman, AWSC President
Make sure snowmobile trails are open and safe before heading out.
In spite of the snowfall across much of Wisconsin in recent days, the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile
Clubs (AWSC) wants to remind riders that most snowmobile trails in the state are not yet open. The majority
of the snowmobile trails in the state are located on private property and without the generosity of these
thousands of landowners,  the Wisconsin snowmobile trail system would not be possible.  Riding on them
when they are not open or off the marked trail is trespassing and dangerous and you can also be fined.  To
find out what trails are open contact a local club or visit the AWSC website at www.awsc.org and click on WI
Even though the snow may look inviting, the warm weather we have experienced most of the fall has left
many areas not frozen. Before the trails can be open for use, the ground under the snow needs to be frozen to
allow for crossing wet areas and adequate snow is necessary to protect the ground under the trail and in some
cases crops under the snow. Once trails are opened be aware they will be in early season condition with
possible hazards under the snow, so it is recommended to ride with caution. Please stay off lakes until there is
enough ice to carry a snowmobile. Snowmobilers should never ride on any lakes or rivers without checking
with the locals about whether the ice is safe.
Almost all of the snowmobile trails in the state are maintained by the volunteer members of snowmobile
clubs. They are responsible for getting permission from landowners, brushing, signing and preparing the trails
for winter use, along with grooming the trails to make them smooth and safe. The snowmobile program which
is administered by the DNR provides the funding that reimburses clubs for the expenses incurred. These funds
come from the registration and trail pass fees that snowmobilers pay, along with gas tax on some of the gas
used by snowmobiles which makes it a user funded program. Before heading out make sure your sled has a
current registration and 2017 trail pass. For more information, go to the DNR website at www.dnr.wi.gov.
The AWSC consists of over 600 snowmobile clubs from across Wisconsin. These clubs and their nearly 40,000
volunteer members are responsible for developing and maintaining the over 22,000 miles of snowmobile trails
for public use which contributes millions of dollars in economic impact to the state’s winter economy. For
more information or to find a club to join,  go to the AWSC website at www.awsc.org .